Liveblog - TFG Set to Testify in His NY Fraud Trial

At some point this morning, the bloated orange blob will take the witness stand and testify, UNDER OATH and the PENALTY OF PERJURY in his NY fraud trial.

Keep in mind a few facts:

  • This is a civil trial, not criminal.
  • The judge has already found his orange ass guilty. The trial focuses on how much money TFG and his criminal spawn will pay for cooking the books.
  • There is no jury because TFG’s lawyers did not request a trial by jury, regardless of the endless lies the Orange Ass continues to tell.
  • The trial is not televised but there are folks inside the courtroom who will provide updates.

NBC Live Updates:

CNN Live Updates:

****This is an interactive thread; so, feel free to follow along and post any updates you may find providing they are from credible sources.

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