Fox ‘News’ Goes Batshit Crazy Over Kamala Harris’ Gas Stove: “They Hate Pies!”

In their quest to remain #1 in the Fake News and General Bullshit category, Fox ‘News’ contributor, Charlie Hurt, stirred up controversy where there truly wasn’t any over Kamala Harris and Doug Emhoff cooking over what appears to be a (GASP!) gas stove. No, not the MAGAt gas stove featured above but their own gas stove that no one took away from them. Charlie Hurt even went so far as to claim the Democratic Party hates pie! Can you imagine someone hating on pie?

“I think because they hate us. They hate humans. They hate joyfulness. They hate pies. They hate good food,” he claimed. “They want all of America to be as miserable and unhappy and unloved as they are.”
-Daily Beast:

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