Stephanie on the rocks

Trump claims he’s always surrounded himself with the best and the brightest even if they get behind the wheel while intoxicated and get arrested twice for doing so. The New and Not So Improved White MORE

Gun Violence

Ohio’s Domestic Terrorist problem

During a press conference, US Attorney Justin Herdman of the Northern District of Ohio announced a single count of transmitting threatening communications via interstate commerce against James Reardon, a self-described white nationalist. He also took a moment MORE

2020 Elections

GOP exodus under Trump

Although still popular with his base, the GOP has lost 93 House seats out 241 or more than 38% since Trump took office. “Beneath the surface there is deep discomfort in the party under Trump MORE


Trump’s ‘Parade of Lies,’ G-7

CNN has put together a series of fact checking segments on Trump’s performance at the G-7 Summit. Please watch below: The biggest take away from Trump’s performance at the G-7, “The Truth Doesn’t Matter.”


PSA: Community Submissions

Happy Monday! I want to thank those in our Community who have submitted articles; we really appreciate your efforts. However, I would like to address a few guidelines: Like old News Views, please be mindful MORE