Liveblog - Trump attends the “Howdy, Modi” rally for India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Tens of thousands of Indian-Americans packed into a Houston stadium Sunday for a rally with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, joined by U.S. President Donald Trump, in a rare mass show of support for a foreign leader on U.S. soil.


Although the rally began hours ago and featured both Texas Senators speaking on behalf Modi, not everyone was thrilled to see the controversial leader.

Ted Cruz:

“Today is a celebration,” Cruz said. “Our nations have interests that are intertwined. We share a history. We share cultures. We share language. We share values. India is the largest democracy on the face of the earth and America is proud to be your friend.”


Before taking the stage, Trump offered up some bigly knowledge on the recent flooding in Texas and again, ignored Climate Change. He also spoke about his ‘beautiful’ conversation with the Ukrainian president.

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