Wing Nut Watch: ‘I Went to a Zoo and Saw How Interracial Marriage Is Wrong’

‘You don’t see eagles marrying buzzards’

Wing Nut and racist shock jock Dave Daubenmire went to the zoo and came back with some, bizarre theory to justify his hate for interracial marriage. In part of his rant, he even refers to Asians as ‘Orientals’ like other disgusting racists do.

In a bizarre rant, he noted “you don’t see eagles marrying buzzards,” and other absurd and racist comments like “at the zoo last night I don’t think I saw one Oriental married to a black.” That zoo trip also included a visit to an aquarium, which gave him the opportunity to make the observation that “the guys who take care of that aquarium, keep certain fish out of that aquarium,” because they may eat each other.


In the past, Dave Daubenmire has claimed that “Jews should be begging to become Christians,” and that a Pete Buttigieg presidency would be “beyond wicked.”

More of Dave’s Wing Nuttery:

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