Parents give son a magnifying glass for Christmas; he sets the lawn on fire

Good old fashion fun

Two Texas parents are now laughing and looking at some melted outdoor Christmas lights on their front lawn because of a present they gave their son.

Cayden Parson, 12, asked his parents for a magnifying glass, among other things, for Christmas. Because their son loves books so much, his parents thought he would use it for reading.

The former Boy Scout and his brother had another idea in mind: He wanted to see if he could burn holes in a newspaper. His father said he didn’t have many reservations about what his children were doing because he knew from his own experience that igniting a fire with a magnifying glass could be pretty difficult.

The boys marveled at how hot the newspaper got until wind came along, causing the lit newspaper to blow out of their hand and onto the dry, brown Texas grass.

The boys are banned from starting any more fires and are charged with caring for the lawn in the spring.


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