How The 10 Richest Americans Are Engaging in the 2020 Election

The 10 richest Americans have a combined wealth of well over half a trillion dollars, and we will be feeling their influence in the 2020 election.

Of course, Mike Bloomberg, number 6 on this list, has the biggest footprint by running for president. He is promising to spend over $1 billion before it’s over.

Who is in for Trump?

Larry Ellison, Oracle co-founder, only recently boarded the Trump train. He previously supported Marco Rubio and his super PACs. In the past he has supported Joe Crowley (defeated by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez), Harry Reid, and Ron Wyden.

Charles Koch, who with his late brother David, had a complicated relationship with Trump. He has not yet indicated he is all in for Trump, but is concentrating efforts on 2020 Republican Senate races.

Jim Walton, son of Sam, quietly gives to the Republican cause, including Trump.

Who is on the Democrats’ side?

Mark Zuckerberg has shown support for Mayor Pete Buttigieg, recommending hires for his campaign last fall. He has also said that Elizabeth Warren is a threat to Facebook, and has met with Trump for a “constructive” conversation last year. In 2014, he donated to both Nancy Pelosi and Paul Ryan.

Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google, also has links to the Buttigieg campaign. His wife hosted a fundraiser last year.

The Top 3 Billionaires Are So Far Uncommitted

Amazon and Washington Post billionaire Jeff Bezos has donated to both Democrats and Republicans in the past, but has so far done nothing in 2020. He did ask Mike Bloomberg if he would consider running for President. On Monday, Bezos donated $10 million to climate change efforts.

Bill Gates uses his fortune on his foundation. His limited commentary has been critical of Elizabeth Warren’s wealth tax, and has not ruled out supporting Trump. In 2016, he appeared to support Hillary Clinton, saying she had more experience with global health.

Warren Buffet supported Hillary Clinton in 2016 and criticized Trump. He has not endorsed a candidate for 2020 yet, but has expressed fondness for Bloomberg in the past.

And Then Bloomberg

As the 6th richest American, he has spent hundreds of millions already on his campaign, and says he plans to spend billions whether he wins or loses. He will appear in a debate for the first time tonight.

Bloomberg enjoys trolling Trump, who is the 715th richest American according to Forbes, by questioning his qualifications and whether or not he is actually a billionaire.

A recent speech in Texas was just one example. “Do we really want a general election between two New York billionaires?” Bloomberg asked the crowd before delivering the punchline: “To which I say, who’s the other one?!”

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