Trump tries to blame President Obama and the CDC for his own epic failure on the Coronavirus

On Friday, Trump tried to blame both the CDC and President Obama for the “slow coronavirus testing process, saying former President Obama ‘made changes that only complicated things further.'”

The CDC’s testing process has been a target of criticism as the coronavirus has spread throughout the United States. Instead of using the World Health Organization’s test kit, the CDC decided to make its own test, which slowed its response. Once the tests were finally rolled out, they weren’t fully effective.

The Hill:

The Trump administration announces steps to speed up testing.


The Trump administration announced a series of steps Friday aimed at boosting the availability of coronavirus testing, which has drawn heated criticism from lawmakers of both parties and frustrated Americans who are sick and have been unable to find out whether they are infected.

The Food and Drug Administration has created a 24-hour emergency hotline for laboratories having difficulty getting materials or finding other impediments to running tests, according to announcements early Friday.

Officials also announced they were giving nearly $1.3 million in federal money to two companies trying to develop rapid covid-19 tests that could determine whether a person tests positive within an hour.

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