The Racist in Chief cannot help himself

In a tweet meant to offer support to the airline industry and assure the American public that ‘we will be stronger than ever before,’ Trump went full throttle racist and referred to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) as the “China Virus.”

In the past, Trump, along with several other, ignorant fools, have referred to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) as the “foreign virus” or “Wuhan virus.” Recently, Rep. Kevin McCarthy (Idiot-California) also referred to it as the “Chinese coronavirus.”

Stop hoarding, people, and do not call 9-1-1 if you run out of freaking toilet paper.

Trump also tweeted that somehow the Grocery Gods (CEOs) will save us from starving, running out of toilet paper, and booze that’s flying off the shelves since the bars closed, which might help us get through these crazy, tough times.

Stay safe, everyone!

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