Trump’s bigly stimulus plan

It comes as the Senate turned Wednesday to a House-passed coronavirus response bill

As our economy crashes and burns because Trump and his administration dithered, ignored, and downplayed the Coronavirus, he now wants a YUUUUGE stimulus package to buy votes help clean up his mess.

NBC obtained a memorandum that outlines what Trump would like to happen:

  • The Treasury Department wants to start issuing direct payments to Americans by April 6, with a second wave in mid-May.
  • Income and the number of people in a family will determine the amount.
  • Obviously, Congress will have to approve Trump’s plan.
  • The plan also calls for $50 billion to bailout the airlines.
  • $150 billion to issue loan guarantees to other struggling sectors.
  • $300 billion for small businesses.
  • The administration anticipates that some loans will go into default.
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