WH Coronavirus Warriors press briefing: 3-29-20

Join News Views for a Live Discussion on “Bigly Ratings! Best ever!, Trump, Pastor Pence, Scarf Lady, and the real Coronavirus Warrior, Dr. Fauci’s (providing he still has a job) press briefing.

More than likely, the Warriors will begin their briefing late as usual but allegedly, they scheduled it for 5:00 PM EDST/2:00 PM PDST.

“Trump’s a ratings hit!”

Some countries take the virus and mitigating its spread way more seriously than the United States. The U.S. has a ‘president’ who now makes these press briefing about him ( a campaign rally) and his bigly ratings. Inevitably, he’s going to have more blood on his hands. But….#MAGA! ‘WE’RE NUMBER 1!”

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