Free Chat Friday, Week 28

“Chat the chat, I pray you, as I typed it to you, trippingly on the keyboard....” Wm Shakespeare, Hamlet, (sorta😁💫)

Happy Friday, News Viewers, I had a fleeting idea that I would only put up apolitical, non-partisan, uncynical cartoons —we need the laughs. But then I thought of the staccato pace of the news, the views this week; the sheer tsunami of politics crashing down, and I knew I couldn’t resist the political cartoons—they are just SO satisfying, sharp and snarky.

But FIRST— an old classic Far Side, to celebrate Gary Larsen resuming his craft after a 25 year hiatus…Soon, his brand of hilarious will be back, just in time……

Here in rural Kentucky, we’re still walking a razor’s edge, waiting to fall off into a Florida or Texas or Arizona. Meanwhile, Some of us are still respecting the virus— we may be in the minority but at least in a town of about 3k, we can keep our distance.

What about you all? What’s happening in your neck of the woods, and if nothing’s happening there, what’s happening in the twilight zone (you know, your own mind)? It’s all fair game on Free Chat Friday, anything goes and everything stays, within reason 😜🤯.

Who should be the next senator from California?