Florida Woman opens boat hatch, urinates on sleeping man, then bites him!

Cops: Floridian relieved herself from above on hubby


A Florida woman was charged with domestic battery after popping open the hatch of a cabin cruiser boat she shares with her significant other, then urinating on him while he was sleeping in a bed below, according to a criminal complaint filed to the Pinellas County circuit court.

Heather Smith also allegedly bit the stomach of the man, whom the Smoking Gun identifies as her husband, when he came out of the cabin after the rude awakening. A police report indicates that alcohol may have been a factor. The pair had been involved in a dispute of an undisclosed nature.

  • The Smoking Gun reported the crime happened around 1 AM Sunday.
  • Smith was arrested for domestic violence and taken to the county jail around 4:40 AM.
  • Her husband had bite mark injuries on his stomach.
  • Florida Woman admitted to urinating on her husband and biting him.
  • Smith was released on her own recognizance. She must wear an alcohol monitor.

NY Daily

The Smoking Gun

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