Never Mind Dead Americans–Trump Touts Stock Market in Last Call to Bob Woodward

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Bob Woodward has 18 interviews on tape for the writing of his new book Rage. A 19th phone call was recorded in mid-August when Trump phoned Woodward to discern the tone of the book, and how he would be perceived in it. Because the book had already been sent to the publisher, the 19th phone call will not be part of the book.

After Trump asked about how he would be portrayed in the book, Woodward told the president, “It’s a tough book, sir… There’s going to be a lot of controversy about it.” Woodward added that Trump’s handling of the pandemic is covered, saying, “It’s close to the bone.”

Trump blathered about having the best response, better than most countries, although 23% of cases worldwide are in the United States. Woodward went on to tell him that there were parts of the book he wouldn’t like.

Woodward told him that people’s lives were affected by the pandemic. And that millions had lost their jobs due to the virus, and that it might affect the outcome of the election.

“You know the market’s coming back very strong, you do know that,” Trump said.

Hear the conversation below:

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