Stephen Miller set to brief House conservatives on Immigration Policies

The meeting is the latest indication that the GOP is keen on keeping Trump-era immigration politics and using them as a spear against Biden.

Former advisor to Donald Trump and architect of Trump Immigration disaster. ASSOCIATED PRESS

Donald Trump and his allies are putting President Joe Biden’s sweeping immigration overhaul in their crosshairs.

The main salvo will be delivered this weekend when Trump is set to address the Conservative Political Action Conference and devote part of his speech to the topic. But days before then, the architect of Trump’s immigration policy, Stephen Miller, will discuss the issue with conservative House members as they organize their opposition to Biden’s planned changes to Trump-era immigration regulations and his recently unveiled blueprint for comprehensive immigration reform legislation.

Donald Trump to speak at CPAC; Immigration key issue

Immigration policy is quickly emerging as a prime motivator for conservatives in the Biden era. The promise of more lenient and humane policies has led to confusion and fears of a massive influx of migrants at the border. The opening of a migrant facility for minors has sparked rebukesfrom the left and accusations of hypocrisy from the right.And Republicans, including Miller, have criticized the ambitious, 357-page immigration plan introduced on the president’s behalf last Thursday by Sen. Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) and Rep. Linda Sanchez (D-Calif.), in apocalyptic terms. (See the rest of the story in Politico)

Source: Politico