Republicans erupt during D.C. statehood debate after being accused of spreading “racist trash”

Republican lawmakers blew up on Thursday after Democratic Rep. Mondaire Jones accused the GOP of spreading “racist trash” during a heated debate over a bill to grant Washington, DC, statehood.

Maryland Rep. Andy Harris asked for Jones to withdraw his comments, to which Jones agreed…but he went on to say;

“The GOP’s “desperate objections” to HR 51, the DC statehood bill, “are about fear that in DC, their white supremacist politics will no longer play, fear that soon enough, white supremacist politics won’t work anywhere in America, fear that if they don’t rig our democracy, they will not win.”

Washington DC obtaining statehood poses a significant threat to republicans as it would add seats to both the house and senate that would most likely be won and held by democrats.

The House eventually voted along party lines to pass HR 51, in a vote of 216 in favor to 208 opposed. 

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