Giuliani appears to enter a free fall as the weight of the investigation triggers a melt down

In his first statements since the investigation into questionable political activities on behalf of Trump came crashing into the light of day with a raid of his apartment and office, Giuliani via his attorney called the investigation “Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

“It is outrageous that the Trump Derangement Syndrome has gone so far that hatred has driven this unjustified and unethical attack on the United States Attorney and Mayor who did more to reduce crime than virtually any other in American history.”

Guiliani claims he and his attorney Robert Costello had offered to speak with investigators but were rejected.

“Twice the offer was rejected by the SDNY by stating that while they were willing to listen to anything Mr. Costello had to say, they would not tell Mr. Giuliani or Mr. Costello, the subject matter they wanted him to address.”

In his first television interview, Guiliani defended himself to Tucker Carson, spinning a conspiratorial tail of a corrupt U.S. attorney’s office out for revenge over his investigation of Hunter Biden.

Legal Vet Says They Have Enough To Charge Guiliani

It’s reported that the Manhattan U.S. Attorney’s office had tried to obtain a warrant last year but were stymied by the DOJ. Via his statement, Giuliani acknowledged the situation but clearly blames the Biden administration.

“What changed?” the statement said. “A new Administration — a new Attorney General. Were they ever informed of Mr. Costello’s offer? Was the Judge who signed the search warrant ever informed of Mr. Costello’s offer? We think not.”

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