Biden Visits Ford Plant in Dearborn, Meets Up With Rashida Tlaib

President Biden’s visit to the Ford Motor Co. Rouge Electric Vehicle Center in Dearborn to speak of the future of the auto industry was preceded with a visit on the tarmac from Rashida Tlaib, the only Palestinian-American in Congress. Dearborn is estimated to be more than 90% Arab American Muslim.

Protests were planned in Dearborn to urge the president to “act swiftly, fairly and justly to end the human suffering that the Israeli war on Gaza is imposing on its population… The goal of the Israeli war is to harm the (Palestinian) population and terrorize it. This is an illegal and immoral war.”

The American Humans Rights Council, the American and Muslim Political Action Committee, American Muslims for Palestine, the American Center for Justice and the American-Muslim Leadership Council were among the groups making a plea for Biden’s help.  

Abdallah Sheikh, president of the American and Muslim Political Action Committee, led off a morning press conference in the parking lot of the American Moslem Society mosque near the Ford Rouge Plant in Dearborn, noting the community’s overwhelming support for Biden in the November election. 

“He is fair, he has a big heart, and he cares for justice,” Sheikh, one of more than a dozen speakers taking part Tuesday, said of Biden. “We are asking him to cease the fire. We are asking him to end the war in Palestine. We are asking him to help.”

Biden was visiting Ford Motor Co.’s electric vehicle plant in Dearborn ahead of Wednesday’s big reveal of the all-electric F-150 Lightning pickup truck. During his speech at the Ford plant, Biden addressed Tlaib.

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