Louie Gohmert Asks if Earth and the Moon’s Orbit Can Be Changed to Fight Climate Change

Texas Rep Louie Gohmert wants to know if the Earth’s orbit around the sun could be altered to fix climate change.

The question was posed during a House Natural Resources meeting on Tuesday to Jennifer Eberlein of the National Forest System. Eberlein channeled Dr. Deborah Birx in her befuddled response.

Gohmert’s comments follow a debunked Republican line of thinking that climate change is caused by solar flares and the sun.

Just last month Gohmert talked about his SAT scores on the House floor, saying that people who think he’s the dumbest member of Congress would be shocked!

The Texas congressman got a lot of flak on Twitter for his line of questioning, and he called out the critics by clarifying that BLM in context referred to the Bureau of Land Management, not Black Lives Matter! Doh!

Gohmert certainly has raised a lot of questions….

Sources at ViceNews and The Hill