Panties in a Twist! Victoria’s Secret Store ‘Karen’ Launches ‘Attack’ on Black Woman 

Plays Dead, Screams and Rolls on Floor !

A New Jersey woman who allegedly attacked and harassed a Black woman in a Victoria’s Secret store appeared to have a breakdown when the woman started filming, according to videos of the incident. Ijeoma Ukenta said she was trying to redeem a coupon for free panties at the Short Hills Mall on Saturday when a woman allegedly nudged her aside. 

The interaction escalated and Ukenta started recording. She captured the woman lunging at her then begging her not to film. “I didn’t try to hit you. Please don’t record me,” the woman says. She then chased Ukenta around the store, urging employees to take the phone away. The woman called 911 to report Ukenta for “threatening” her, though Ukenta said in an eight-part video series that “I just came to get my free panties.”

The woman later told police that she had a breakdown due to fears of her losing her apartment and teacher’s aide job if the video went viral. Ukenta, who shared a purported police report identifying the woman, is raising money for legal fees after police declined to press charges.

As the article states, this is an eight-part video series. I watched all eight videos.

The longer I watched it, the more it became a civil rights story and the less it became a Karen story. 

I watched it on YouTube, each new video follows the other after a few seconds. 

The Daily Beast

Heavy Update:

Also: NJ Police Looking Into How Officers Handled ‘Victoria’s Secret Karen’ Dispute

Daily Beast

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