August 13, 2021: It’s Reinstatement Day!

That’s right, Pillow Guy Mike Lindell promised us the Miracle of the nation seeing the evil of this election all coming to a head!

  • “This is a spiritual battle of epic proportions!”
  • “When we get through this, even non-believers, there’s going to be so many people coming to Jesus!”
  • “This will be the biggest revival in history because you’re going to see miracles unfold!”
  • “The evil is revealing itself. It’s just amazing. It’s popping up all over like pocket gophers!”

Watch Pillow Guy explain why God kicked Trump out of the White House!

Twitter was aflutter in the early hours of Reinstatement Day, with people everywhere wondering who would be invited, and what to wear to Reinstatement Day!

Some shared how they plan to celebrate……..

Some shared PSAs……

Happy Reinstatement Day, NewsViews friends, tell us how you plan to celebrate!