Marge’s Demands Take on Kevin McCarthy

Marjorie Taylor Greene laid out her demands for a future GOP Speaker of the House if the Republicans take back the House in 2022, and seems to threaten Kevin McCarthy in the process, saying he doesn’t have the votes for full support as Speaker.

“He doesn’t have the votes that are there, because there’s many of us that are very unhappy about the failure to hold Republicans accountable, while conservatives like me, Paul Gosar, and many others just constantly take the abuse by the Democrats.”

Greene says she has no respect for the current GOP leadership, and demands that Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney be kicked out of the House Republican Conference for participating in the January 6 Committee. Moderate New York Republican John Katko also earned Greene’s ire for supporting the bipartisan infrastructure deal, voting to impeach Trump, and supporting the effort to remove Greene from her committees.

“Katko’s not a Republican. He’s a Democrat,” Greene said. 

Matt Gaetz and Mark Meadows have teased the idea of Trump becoming Speaker of the House.