What Would You Do Wednesday? How To Prevent a Midterm Shellacking

Time to strategize, people. The primaries are here and the general election is six months and some change away. History has proven that the party currently in power usually suffers tremendous losses in the midterm election.

So, if you were a political pundit or giving advice to whomever, what would it be?

I normally don’t give two poops poops about what James Carville has to say but, he said something that got my attention. He said the Democratic Party needs to focus on what we’ve done thus far and NOT what we haven’t done. Sounds reasonable but to me, that’s not enough; we need more.

I’m hoping the lunatic fringe prevail in their primaries and then a member of the Democratic Party in the general election. I would like to believe that most people do not want anymore MTGs, Boeberts, Cawthornes, Gosars, etc. in Congress. I’m probably giving way too much credit.

I also want us to put the gloves on and fight…fight the ridiculous claims of pedophilia, ‘shoshilism,’ which your average MAGAt has no clue what it even means, and the other nonsense they spew that goes unchallenged. Democracy is on a thin line and it must be saved!

So your task, as the intelligent lot you are, is to discuss some viable and workable ideas the Democratic Party could use to help them retain both the House and Senate.

Feel free to share your thoughts on the subject matter but, please don’t argue for argument’s sake; it’s not productive.

Hope you enjoy- Please understand that this is not a free chat thread; we’ll have one of those tomorrow.

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