Updates: Tuesday, May 24th Primaries

Today, residents in Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, Texas, and Minnesota (special election in Minnesota) went to the polls:

Here are the results, thus far. Please feel free to post links to any updates providing they come from credible sources.

From The New York Times:


Brian Kemp defeated TFG’s buddy, David Perdue. Stacey Abrams secured the Democratic Party’s nomination but then again, she ran unopposed.

TFG’s buddy Herschel, One Too Many Hits to the Head, Walker has won the Republican nomination for the US Senate. He will face Senator Warnock in November.

Uh, oh—TFG’s head is about to explode:

Unfortunately, MTG won her primary and will face Marcus Flowers in November.


Sister Sarah Huckabee, Patron Saint of Pathological Liars, has secured the Republican Party’s nomination for governor of this fine state. She will face Democratic challenger, Chris Jones, in November.


Insurrectionist Mo Brooks will face a runoff in June:

Governor MeeMaw will face one of these lovely ladies who are headed for a runoff to become the Democratic Party’s nominee.

Texas Runoff:

Perhaps the end of the Bush Dynasty? Ken Paxton secured the Republican Party nomination for Attorney General. He will face Democratic challenger Rochelle Garza, in November, who defeated her opponent in yesterday’s runoff race.

More results found here:

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