Pastor at Women’s Prison Charged With Sexually Abusing Inmate

Pastor Donald Burse,

“Sometime in August of 2020  Pastor Burse called her to his office which is located inside the Chapel with the excuse to provide her with a Bible,” the investigator wrote.The woman told the investigator that Burse ended up touching her in a sexual manner. “Mr. Burse then unzipped his pants which indicated to her that he wanted her to perform (a sex act) on him, but she refused,” the investigator wrote.

The woman told authorities that Burse eventually performed a sex act on her on Burse’s desk. The inmate alleged that later, they discussed what was necessary before they engaged in future sexual encounters.

“The agreement included Mr. Burse bringing her spice, alcohol and makeup if she agreed to perform (a sex act) on him or allow him to perform (a sex act) on her,” the investigator wrote. The inmate later refused to meet with Burse as she “felt that Mr. Burse was not upholding his part of the agreement,” the investigator wrote.

The good pastor was charged with sexual abuse of prisoner by employee and one felony count of unauthorized custodial conduct by employee.

Las Vegas Review-Journal

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