Presiden Biden Signs Limited Executive Order Protecting Reproductive Rights

The scope appears limited but President Biden signed an Executive Order protecting what he can of our reproductive freedom and rights.

On Friday, President Biden signed an executive over that takes incremental steps to preserve abortion access. During his speech, he called out the Extreme Court and encouraged Americans to vote and increase the number of Democratic senators because that is the only way we can codify into law what once was considered a Constitutional right until a few weeks ago. He also implored the Justice Department to intervene like they did during the Civil Rights era and protect women seeking reproductive healthcare.

The executive order pledges to:

  • Ensure the safety of abortion patients and providers.
  • Setting up mobile clinics near the borders of states restricting abortion access.
  • Seeks to convene private, pro bono lawyers to offer support to people crossing state lines to get an abortion.
  • Directs the secretary of Health and Human Services to issue a report in the next 30 days outlining additional actions to protect medication abortion.
  • Expand access on emergency contraception and IUDs.
  • Increase public education around reproductive rights.

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