TFG Grifting off the FBI Search on Mar a Lago and Possibly Meddling in NY’s Election

Days following the FBI search on TFG’s Mar a Lago, gaudy estate, he spammed his KKKult with thousands of emails begging for money and it paid off. It appears his minions forked over $1 million on at least two days after the Aug. 8 search to TFG’s political action committee and his daily hauls jumped from a level of $200,000 to $300,000. His donations appear to have leveled off but, he’s still raking in the cash from his KKKult.

According to the Washington Post, TFG’s grifting comes at a very crucial time “as he considers an early announcement for a 2024 presidential campaign and has seen dwindling returns on his online fundraising solicitations earlier this year. The former president’s PAC brought in $36 million in the first half of the year, dropping below $50 million in a six-month period for the first time since he left office, according to Federal Election Commission data.”

“The revelation that he is under investigation by the Justice Department for potential violations of laws including the Espionage Act” has proved quite beneficial financially for TFG. TFG “and his supporters have repeatedly boasted in emails, social media posts and right-wing media articles that the search warrant would backfire on President Biden and rally Republicans around Trump.”

“Trump as a candidate and fundraiser has always had an impressively dedicated set of constituents who are particularly mobilized by anger,” said Jessica Baldwin-Philippi, a professor at Fordham University who researches how political campaigns use digital communications. “A threat, a negative, a time when you lose, can actually be lucrative.”

The messages used alarming phrases in bold and all-caps such as “THEY BROKE INTO MY HOME,” “They’re coming after YOU,” and “THIS IS INSANE.” One message included a poll asking, “Do you agree that President Trump is being politically persecuted?” Another promised “an exclusive 1300% MATCH today only!,” a common tactic used to encourage people to respond immediately.

Unfortunately, this hyperbolic rhetoric has stirred up his unhinged base resulting in numerous threats and actions against FBI agents and others. ‘Team Trump’ has yet to respond to WaPo’s requests for comments.

It also appears, TFG may be meddling in New York’s primary.  Daniel Goldman, a former federal prosecutor who served as a counsel to House Democrats during the first impeachment inquiry against TFG has accused him of meddling in elections for the House of Representatives on Wednesday.

Goldman said Trump doesn’t actually want him in Congress. 

“Last week he attacked me, now he’s pretending to endorse me to meddle in this election,” Goldman said during PIX11’s NY-10 Democratic Primary Debate.

TFG also endorsed Rep. Carolyn Maloney over Jerry Nadler in NY’s newly drawn district; the two incumbents are in a heated and tight race.

“Mr. Trump has a long history of using social media to promote his political objectives, mock his adversaries, hock his products and seek attention from voters and the news media.

But his ability to do so has been severely constrained since January 2021, when he was removed from a broad range of social media sites, including Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.”

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