Fayette County Public Schools Approves COVID-19 Sick Leave for Vaccinated Employees Only

School board members debated whether or not the word “vaccinated” should be kept in the resolution and they ultimately decided to keep it.

Board members agreed the five days of COVID-19 time should be a reward for staff members who received the COVID-19 vaccination.

The motion also covers FCPS employees whose children are required to isolate or quarantine due to COVID-19.

LEX 18

“I feel like this, while well intended, is going to have some unintended consequences and cause some confusion,” said Stephanie Spires, FCPS board member.

Spires said simply saying “vaccinated employees” leaves the door open to interpretation on what is vaccinated. She says the CDC hasn’t made that definition easy either.

“It currently says for those eligible to have the vaccine, to have the vaccine and those eligible for boosters to have boosters, but it doesn’t specifically say how many boosters. If you have a booster, did you just have one? You know I’ve had two. Some people have had three. I feel like that is where we’re getting into a really gray, because now the CDC’s getting grayer and grayer,” Spires said.


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