Move over QAnon. Meet Q 2.0: Negative48

An offshoot of the extremist movement called Negative48 is thronging Trump political events, causing tensions with the former president’s team.

Julie McDaniel sat in the front section at a Trump rally earlier this month in Youngstown, Ohio. Towards the end of TFG’s speech and when the creepy music began, Julie felt compelled to raise her hand and point to the sky — to God, she said. Soon everyone around her was doing it, too because that’s the core of KKKultish behavior.

“It was spontaneous, it was it was like the domino effect,” said McDaniel, who also attended Friday’s rally here in Wilmington, N.C., coming from her home in the Chicago area. She objected to news coverage that condemned the gesture, with some comparing it to a Nazi salute. “It was an amazing, amazing moment, when you have the unity that everybody is there, and not only in this small group that was on the floor, but other people were doing it,” she said.

According to The Washington Post:

The group on the floor was an offshoot of the QAnon community called Negative48, a name that they say stands for the opposite of evil. They’ve become a fixture at Trump’s rallies this year. Numbering about 100, they can be spotted by their lanyards sporting as many as 16 commemorative buttons from each rally they have attended. Or see them wrap their arms around each other to sway to Elvis Presley’s “Suspicious Minds” blasting over the loudspeakers. Or lining up to take selfies in front of the stage with their leader, a man in American flag pants named Michael Brian Protzman.
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