Woman Says She Was Infected With STD After Janitor Urinated in Her Water Bottle

HOUSTON, TEXAS: Working in an East Freeway office, the victim first started suspecting wrongful activities in August when she noticed a foul smell coming from the employee water dispenser. But when she started bringing her own water to work in September, the same happened which is when she speculated that her bottle was tainted with urine. The 54-year-old victim who wished to remain anonymous told ABC13 that the janitor who was arrested was “sick man”. She explains the flow of motion of this man saying he “pulls out his penis and puts his penis in my bottle, basically rinses his penis in the water.” Diaz was charged with indecent assault and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, with both charges relating to the same anonymous victim. 

She continues, “I learned I acquired (a sexually-transmitted disease) for which he also tested positive for. He gave me an STD I will have for the rest of my life. Nothing is going to change it. Nothing will make it better for me. In fact, I feel like, for the rest of my life, I will have to be careful.” The documents obtained from the court reveal that Diaz is in Immigration and Customs Enforcement custody in an unclear post. The victim continued, “I want this to go to trial. I want him to be exposed for who he is, and I want him to pay for what he’s done to me and then be deported.” HPD’s Major Offenders Division believes that more people could be affected due and if so, Lucio Diaz could face more charges.

The victim also explained that even after notifying the authorities, Diaz continued working. The victim’s attorney Kim Spurlock said, “They have a duty to protect their tenants, and they wholly failed in those responsibilities.” Altera Fund Advisors, the building’s owner, shared a statement from CEO Terry Quinn that read, “Our management company immediately cooperated with the police department in this matter as soon as we were made aware of this potential issue by our tenant. They were advised by the police to not alert or approach the alleged perpetrator so that he could be arrested. He was arrested when he returned to the building.” 


Investigators with HPD’s Major Offenders Division believe more people have been infected and say Diaz could face more charges.

ABC 13

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