(R) Businessman Launching Long Shot for White House Fails to Help as His Pregnant Wife Collapses… 

Then Edits it out of Online Campaign Video

Salon reports Dr. Rollan Roberts II, a Republican whose father is West Virginia State Senator Rollan A. Roberts (R-Raleigh), announced that he’s running for president in 2024 during a press conference held at the West Virginia State Capitol last Friday. Rollan Roberts II’s wife, who is five months pregnant, collapsed during his speech.

video clip circulating on Twitter Thursday showed Rebecca Lea Roberts stumbling and then fainting as her husband spoke. She pulled down an American flag as she fell, and the flagpole rolled on top of her as others rushed to attend to her before Rollan Roberts II did.

The incident was removed altogether from the official announcement video on Roberts’ YouTube page. At the 7:30 mark, his wife can be seen standing next to him in heels, and then at the 7:31 mark the edited video suddenly jumps to show her sitting in a chair as someone else moves the U.S. flag that fell.


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