Man Accused of Rubbing His Naked Buttocks on Louisiana Church Altar


Paul Laborde Jr., 56, a registered sex offender who also served time for his father’s beating death in 2004, is accused of rubbing his exposed buttocks on the altar and placing the “front of his body” — with pants pulled down — against the altar and gyrating, according to Jefferson Parish Assistant District Attorney Brian Villalobos.

Upon viewing the church surveillance videos police discovered more. 

Laborde didn’t appear to be there to take part in any religious activity, Villalobos told the court. Instead, he is seen on video walking over to and then crouching behind the alter for about 22 minutes, according to authorities.  When he emerged, Laborde’s pants were around his ankles, Villalobos said. He rubbed his body against the altar, according to authorities. 

Laborde then picked up a purificator, a linen cloth used during Catholic Mass to wipe the chalice clean after each person takes Communion. He used it to wipe his hands and face and later took the cloth with him when he left, authorities said. 


Laborde was charged with simple burglary, three counts of institutional vandalism and six counts of simple criminal damage to property.

The Archdiocese of New Orleans said Tuesday that the altar at St. Edwards has been cleansed and “reblessed.”


Nearly 3 years ago, News Views reported on another case of altar nastiness. That time the altar was ripped out of the church and burned. 

On September 30 a complainant reported seeing two women in high heels and corsets on the altar with Reverend Clark, wielding sex toys. Stage lights were set up, as was a cellphone and camera, both mounted on tripods. The three were having sex on the altar.

“Amid news that a Pearl River priest was caught recording himself in group sex with two dominatrices on his church altar, an enraged Archbishop Gregory Aymond on Friday characterized the priest’s actions as “demonic” and said he had the altar burned.”


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