Florida Man upset over dentures threatened to shoot up dentist’s office

DATELINE: CLEARWATER, Florida, Smile Design Dentistry

According to an arrest report, Bruce G.Clark, 66, sent his sister to his dentist’s office on Jan. 5 to pick up a pair of dentures that had been made for him. The office told the woman that she could not pick up the dentures for another patient due to patient privacy policy, reports state. The sister then put Clark on the phone.

“During the conversation (Clark) was belligerent and used foul language,” the arresting officer wrote in the report. “He told the victim ‘I ought to come down there and shoot up all you motherf—–s.” – Tampa Bay Times

Employees tell us Clark threatened to ram his car through the reception desk of the dentist’s office and shoot everyone inside.

Clearwater police arrested Clark Wednesday night. He bonded out of jail Thursday afternoon minutes before his first appearance. We knocked on the door of his Clearwater home but no one answered.



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