Throwback Thursday: I’ve got dreams to remember

Shhhh…I’m sharing something with everyone. I sing; I can play guitar, piano, and can read read music. My mom told me today she ran across an album that she saved and I sang on it. I think I was like, 19.

I’ve sang to raise funds for stuff, I won a gold medal singing and playing my guitar, “God Bless This Child” (that was way hard…way). My whole family had music goals of some sort in our lives.

My mom started getting me to recall when I was younger and would play guitars with my pops. He was such a great and talented musician—truly the best jazz guitarist. But, he could not read music and relied on tablature or would call his daughter… He would ask me if I could sing something and I would just start singing and he would follow my voice…the notes and then played it.

I still randomly belt out stuff to express myself. I love to sing. I sing to my pets all the time. I sing to my kids when I want to deliver a message that I cannot say. Every now and then, my husband will look at me and say, “Sing it, baby!” And I know, it’s ok and I sing to him what’s on my mind and how I feel about whatever is on my mind.

So, today’s Throwback Thursday focuses on expressing yourself….memories Of course, you’re vulnerable when you do that but, we’re all family.

“Sing it, baby!”

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