Registered Sex Offender Opened Door Naked to Trick or Treaters

Police arrested a registered Steven Kelley Little, 48, a convicted sex offender in Provo, Utah, after he answered the door naked to children Trick or Treating and invited them inside his home. Police say he already serving probation for lewdness involving a child.

According to KSL:

The children told their parents, who were across the street, what had just happened. The father then approached the door with one of his daughters and knocked. “He opened the door again nude,” Williams said of Little, adding that the father told his daughter to leave and told Little to turn his lights off and not answer the door any more. The father then called police.

Police say one child shot video of the man answering the door naked and shared it with investigators.

“When questioned about why he answered the door nude, he said he had just got out of the shower and that’s why he was nude. And they said, ‘Why did you ask the kids inside?’ and he said that’s where the candy was,” Williams said.

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