Shocking! QAnon predictions that did not happen in 2021

The lunatic fringe, QAnon conspiracy movement, believes, “an interconnected global cannibalistic pedophile elite are engaged in child sex trafficking on an industrial scale and The Former Guy (TFG) will expose them before ordering their arrest and executions. “

After TFG lost the 2020 election, QAnon ramped up their lunacy and continued to make some very outlandish predictions. Below is a list of their 2021, absurd, mind boggling predictions to sane people that did not happen:

  • Mass arrests and executions of Joe Biden and apparent members of the “Deep State”
  • Trump would return to the White House on March 4
    • Up until 1933 when the 20th Amendment passed, March 4th was Inauguration Day
  • The Arizona election ‘fraudit’ would prove TFG won in 2020
    • The fraudit proved to be one, big nothingburger that cost Arizona tax payers a bunch of money. However, the results showed Joe Biden won the state with slightly more votes than originally tallied.
  • JFK Jr. would return to the site where his father was assassinated
    • Dozens of these lunatics gathered for days waiting for JFK Jr. to announce to the world that TGF was the true president. JFK Jr. died in a plane crash in 1999.
  • A return to using the Julian calendar
    • QAnon lunatic Mike Penny predicted on November 2 that the calendar change would occur after JFK Jr’s announcement that TFG was the true president and somehow the date would revert to October 20 and we would have two Halloween‘s to celebrate. The west abandoned the Gregorian calendar in the 1500s .


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